Towards a New Humanity, rooting in Compassion, Love and Sacred Wisdom


“Awakening the healer within” not only is a revealing story of a man who managed to heal himself from a terminal disease with alternative methods. It is also a useful guidance to learn how to live in harmony and balance with the true self so that we can enjoy a peaceful, loving and meaningful life. One question that might arise in your mind while reading the book is: how far am I disconnected from the real perception of my true self ? What can I do to restore it and to break free from the limitations that keep me from manifesting the highest good and love in my life? Maan Kantar guides you to be aware of how we have been moulded by an insane and unloving society and of the things that we need to release and liberate from in order to reconnect with the source of love and wisdom that is inside of all of us. As the healing method that he provides is holistic, there are in this book a wade variety of tools and techniques to help people healing in all dimensions of the existence; physical body, emotional body, the mind and the spirit. Emotional healing and generational healing seems to be the cornerstone if we want to contribute to heal society, humanity and our mother earth. So lets start opening the windows of our hearts and letting the spirit speak.”

Mirari, Spain



“I met Maan at the beginning of September 2017, after many years of working on myself, and doing personal development and spiritual work. I would go from Highs to lows which eventually exhausted me and I ended up in depression. When I attended one of Maan’s workshops, he told us that he had developed a healing technique that is effective and would give us fast relief. To be honest, I did not quite believe it then. But my small inner voice kept on telling me to work with Maan. After a month of working with him I could already see some positive results. To my surprise,a miracle happened before the end of the second month. One night, as I was going through a difficult situation, I suddenly felt a very deep connection to my soul and a feeling of inner peace that is hard to fully describe.

Then I realised that something had radically changed in me and that a real deep healing had happened. To heal is really to finally be able to connect with our soul and with the whole universe, and we are able then to float in the softness of the flow of life.

Yes I have experienced full healing, and my life has changed positively.
Thank you infinitely Maan”


Silver , Lebanon, November 2017.



“With great humanity, Maan seamlessly combines therapeutic techniques and herbalism, in a way I have experienced nowhere else. He first reviews a person’s needs and potential for intellectual, emotional, and physical healing. Then, he adjusts his profound and incremental interventions to affect deep rooted change. I have followed a cycle of in-person steps, accompanied by skype discussions and meditation with musical    therapy leading to progressive lifting of blockages. I now feel more and more connected to myself, my life, my family, and humanity more broadly.”

Lisa, Canada, October 2017



“Most human beings are victims of their repressed feelings and emotions due to their early nurturing,society, culture, religion and other factors …. it is the sources for 99% of illnesses and diseases. After completing the workshop and sessions, sound healing innovated by Maan help me toget rid of this burden in short time, live pain free,  progress in my life, and achieve my full potential.

I recommend Maan programs for any person looking to start a new life.”

Moussa , Lebanon, September 2017



“Knowing Maan for the last few years I anticipated to get his first book!

Reading it for me was like continuous conversation between me and him, revisiting all the stories behind his inspiring journey.  I am keeping  it close to me just in case I want to talk to him again. The book definitely needs to be red more than once for all the information to sink in….

Can not wait for the second book!”

Liga, Latvia, 2017



“The Healing work allowed me to experience a great release on the emotional level. I felt much lighter afterwards, with a sensation that a huge load had been lifted off my being. One feels encouraged to discover any other blockages and challenges to clear them.”

 Julia.A, Ireland



“I found Sound Healing with the Tibetan Bowls to be so unique and powerful and unlike anything I have ever experienced before! The vibrations and sounds they create can be felt at such a deep level in the mind and body, really allowing you to achieve an incredible state of relaxation and calm.”

Caroline.M, Ireland



“I  participated in the ‘Awakening the Healer Within’ meditation over a period of time and I found it to be a profoundly deep experience. The sound and vibration of the Tibetan bowls penetrated on a very deep cellular level; each time was very different depending on the intention that was set at the beginning of the meditation. The sacred space opened and held by Maan was of ‘pure heart’ and ‘pure intention’.”

Emma-Jane, Ireland



” J’ai fais la connaissance de Maan début Septembre 2017 après quelques années de développement personnel et d’activités spirituelles pendant lesquelles j’oscuilais entre des hauts et des bas ce qui m’a épuisé et je me suis replongé dans la dépression. Lors d’un atelier Maan nous a dit qu’il a développé des techniques de guérison rapides et efficaces. A vrai dire je n’ai pas pris ces mots trop au sérieux. Mais une petite voix à l’intérieur m’incitait de continuer le travail avec lui. A la fin du premier mois de bons résultats commençaient à apparaître. Et à  ma plus grande surprise un miracle c’est produit avant la fin du second mois. Un soir où je vivais une situation difficile j’ai senti une forte connexion avec mon âme et une paix indescriptible s’est installée à l’intérieur de moi. Alors j’ai réalisé qu’un changement radical s’est produit et qu’une guérison complète s’est accomplie pour de bon.  Guérir c’est se connecter avec notre âme et avec tout l’univers et flotter en douceur dans le courant de la vie.
Oui j’ai totalement guéri et ma vie à changé positivement.
Merci infiniment Maan”.

Silver, Lebanon, November 2017 

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