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Winter 2019 Newsletter

Happy  2019!
The year of Focus !

Dear Friends, happy new year to All of you!  whether you are in Europe, America, India, Africa. the Middle East or any other part of the World I wish you a great 2019 cycle !
May this be the moment to focus on yourself !
Indeed the many changes and challenges that will take place in 2019 will encourage us ever more to look for answers inside our deep selves. The stars will be performing many dances including Solar eclipses, Jupiter and Neptune entering unusual positioning that will challenge us till December!
We are starting also a monthly news letter called the ” Circle of Knowledge” where we will share specific information regarding the cycles of the year, Planetary events, Diet, Shamanic and other healing.. more details later on,

Indeed in 2019 we will see at many times Jupiter Square Neptune, which means that often as we will be setting to finally fulfill our long term projects and dreams, the forces of chaos will be awaiting us to create setbacks.
While on the one hand many opportunities will be arising, on the other hand it will feel that  many challenges are trying to slow us.
When this is happening, don’t give up and renew your focus with more eagerness to achieve your goals!

The negative aspect of the planets will keep on bring up self
indulgence, lack of self discipline and procrastination, and you will counter it with Joy, Efficiency and Focus !

There  will be crises, at work , in the Love Life or with Friends. While crises are difficult moments , they are the ideal time to identify old patterns and  shed those  old behaviours and patterns that don’t serve us any more and just move on.
If you look well in your daily life, you may be able to identify situations where you feel that your energy is constantly drained by others or by situations where you have no input or control or duty …but you keep it going because it is the Comfort zone…so be brave and  let go…really…let GO !!

We all find it quite difficult to let go of saving friends, family, ex boyfriend or girlfriend, but the truth of the matter is that we don’t have the responsibility to save them. And the truth is we enjoy playing that role and keeping it so. Just let go…

Thus it will be key to exert constant awareness and to focus on your objectives and plans for the year and be centered in order to achieve any thing in this crazy year 2019!
My way to do this is that I have written a plan of what I want to achieve this year, with exact steps,  and i will keep checking and tracking everyday to make sure I am on target 🙂

I hope to see you again soon, please do use the Free Tutorials on Youtube and do connect on Facebook (Connecting With Maan).
Many of you are practicing the Sacred Sound techniques to keep focused and I encourage you to do the sound work at least 4 days a week , ideally in the morning first or late at night to keep your balance. I attach a link below to anyone who needs the sound work cd.

In the mean time, Love to All of you  and See you again Soon,


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